"Excellence in Remote Medical Support"
Pacific Remote Medical Solutions and Support
Pacific Remote Medical Solutions
and Support
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Stortford Lodge, Hastings 4156
New Zealand
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High tech, cost effective solutions for
remote medical support:
We provide high quality integrated
clinical support and telemedicine
services to:

  • Companies operating in remote
    locations, hostile environments or third
    world countries.

  • Deep water private and commercial

  • Charter and small commercial long-haul
    aircraft operators

  • Expatriates and independent travellers in
    isolated areas or third world countries

  • Commercial trekking companies
A serious illness or injury can occur completely out of the blue. It may
be life threatening or simply a major inconvenience.  The ability to
have access to immediate medical advice at any time can be life saving
or prevent expensive evacuation or diversion.

Using your existing communication technology (land, cell, satellite, radio-
patch) you can interface with our voice and data services.

  • Immediate access 24 / 7 to Specialists in Emergency Medicine and the
    provision of remote telemedicine. Providing up to date, pragmatic
    and evidence based clinical advice.

  • Access to additional specialist advice from a full spectrum of other
    Medical Specialties, including Intensive Care, Cardiology, Gynaecology,
    Infectious Disease, Surgery and Primary care.

  • Less urgent consultations for passengers or staff with complex health
    problems either before or during an expedition or deployment.

  • Impartial advice and assistance on the need for evacuation or
    repatriation, and direct liaison with Insurance companies.

  • Access through our contacts to local Clinics and Specialists.

  • We also have Employment opportunities for Medics and Registered
    Nurses with remote or independent practice experience.