Pacific Remote Medical Solutions and Support was established in 2005.
It's goal is to provide high tech, but cost-effective clinical support for
companies operating in remote locations, who have to provide medical
care for their staff or clients. We also provide assistance to lay-people
who are required to provide health care in isolated and remote
locations, without access to traditional medical systems.

In response to demand we are now offering tele-medicine services,
training and logistic support to the maritime and aviation industry, both
to private individuals and commercial operators.

Who we are

PRMSS is built around a core group of Specialist Emergency Physicians,  
who are experienced and skilled in providing clinical support to medics
and untrained lay-people working or travelling in remote locations.

We are all Fellows of the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine
and hold registration in both Australia and New Zealand.

In addition we have immediate access if required to a wide range of
other Medical Specialists across a range of specialties, including
radiology, intensive care, cardiology, gynaecology, infectious diseases
and primary care.

Real-world Experience

Our ability to provide remote advice by phone or radio is reinforced by
the fact we all have experience in the provision of care in austere and
isolated environments. We understand the issues facing those working in
these locations. From managing medical emergencies at 30,000 feet or
on a remote Pacific island, the Arctic or on a yacht in the Southern
Ocean we have the actual real world experience to be able to give you
pragmatic and appropriate advice regardless of where you are on the
planet. Ensuring the optimal care for your patient and minimising
disruption to crew or clients.

Between us we have dealt with thousands of requests for help and
clinical advice via tele-medicine links and provided direct and indirect
medical control to medics working in the remote pre-hospital
environment. With this experience and the fact we are all practicing
Emergency Care Specialists means we bring you the highest levels of
clinical care and support for your staff and medics in the field


All of our calls/incidients are reviewed and audited to ensure quality and
to extract any “lessons learned”. We use the results to constantly review
and update our clinical practice, advice and standing orders.
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