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Working with tele-medicine and standing orders
A introductory course 2 day for experienced medics who
are working within a tele-medicine system for the first time.
The course covers communication, the tele-medicine
consultation, documentation, audit and standing
order/protocol development. It is included for
organizations who subscribe to our basic or enhanced
service, or can be taken as a stand alone course. For more
click here.

Remote Medic's Course
This 10 day course is designed for experienced paramedics
who are transitioning from the classical civilian ambulance
service paramedic role to that of a medic working
independently in a remote location. The course covers
trauma and resuscitation, extended care while awaiting
evacuation, primary care problems, dental emergencies and
medical clinic / supply management and preventive heath.
There is an extensive “hands-on” practical component. For
more information
click here.
Customised Courses

We can tailor specific
courses to meet the needs
of your organisations medical

Our focus is on care in
remote and austere
locations, covering important
topics frequently not
covered elsewhere. For
more information
click here.
Procedural skills for Remote Medics
This 2 day course is designed to introduce and consolidate basic surgical skills for medics
working in remote locations. The course covers wound assessment and management, minor
surgical procedures, local and regional anaesthesia and life saving procedures during
resuscitation. For more information
click here.

Combat Casaulty Care for Private Contractors
A 2 day course for civilian contractors who are working in potentially hostile environments.
The course covers the initial assessment and management of patients with combat injuries.
For more information
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We DO NOT provide first aid courses or training. Consider contacting one of the quality
first aid educators listed on our reference page.

We provide both scheduled and on-demand courses, either in Australia or if required in
your area of operation.

All of our courses are kept small to ensure a high instructor to student ratio.

More more details on any of our courses please
contact us.