Custom Medical Courses
Pacific Remote Medical Solutions and Support
Pacific Remote Medical Solutions
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We offer a number of fully customisable modular courses
which can be run singularly or in whatever combination is
required. They assume a basic level of knowledge equivalent
to that offered by our standard Remote Medics course.
Individual modules can be further customised to meet your
individual needs:

  • Specialised Wound Management
  • Advanced Trauma Care
  • Cardiac Life Support
  • Advanced Medical Care
  • Specialised Dental techniques
  • Obstetrics in a remote environment
  • Airway management and procedural sedation
  • Advanced Orthopaedic Care
  • Sick Children
  • Public health and hygiene
  • Medical aspects of HAZMAT

All our instructors are experienced practicing Emergency
Specislists or Operational Paramedics who practice what
they teach on a daily basis.

We can deliver the course at a venue in Australia or come to
you in your area of operation or vessel.

For further information or to arrange a quote contact us