Delegated Medical Authority / Standing orders
Pacific Remote Medical Solutions and Support
Companies employing medics in remote locations generally require
their medics to work under the delegated medical authority or standing
orders of a registered medical practitioner.

We provide a comprehensive medical direction / delegated medical
authority service to the medics your company employs. We can also
help you develop your own standing orders tailored to your specific

This services comprises:
  • Our tele-medicine service
  • Audit, quality improvement and clinical governance of your health
  • Health Intelligence and risk assessment of your operations
  • A named Medical Director, who will comply with the New Zealand
    Ambulance standard for Medical Directors and the relevant
    Australian legislative requirements.
  • Use by your medics of our customisable standing orders and         
    protocols for primary care and emergency problems if required.
  • Clinical oversight of your medical staff.
  • Initial and sustainment training
  • Advise and assistance in the management and stock control of  
    your medical inventory.

Our medical staff are registered in both New Zealand and Australia.

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