What is telemedicine?
Pacific Remote Medical Solutions and Support

" Medicine at a distance "
Communication between a medic or layperson
in a remote location (national or international)
and a medical specialist in a geographically
discrete location

Audio        )        
Data          )         land-line / satellite
Video        )

or a combination of modalities.

These can vary in sophistication from a simple
phone call on the local telecommunication  
infrastructure, a VoIP service such as Skype
(tm) or a full voice, data and video system
via satellite technology.  

What can telemedicine do?

  • Provide specific direction to an
    untrained layperson on assessment,
    diagnosis and treatment of an ill or
    injured companion
Our service

24/7 access to Specialist
Emergency Physicians for
advice on urgent and
emergency health problems

A single access point for
Urgent and Emergency
health care assistance.

* NO Call takers

* NO Triage nurses

* NO Delays

* Quality advice and

Your medics and staff in
the field have immediate
access to superior clinical
advice from Specialists in
the field by audio, video or
data links 24/7
  • Provide reassurance and support for an isolated medic:

  • Ensure a complete assessment has been performed.

  • Help to enhance the diagnostic accuracy

  • Ensure correct therapies are commenced and inappropriate
    treatments minimised.

  • Advise on resuscitation (and when to stop)

  • Allow the medic to deviate from their standing order's or

  • X-ray interpretation if image acquisition is available on site

  • Identifying and responding to changes in patients condition

  • Advise on if evacuation is required and provide co-ordination if it

  • Liaising with non-medical management

  • Liaising with other Medical Specialists

  • Liaising with insurance companies
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