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  • 24 / 7 global access to
    Emergency Health care advice
    and support.

  • High tech practical solutions at
    affordable prices.

  • Expert, knowledgeable and
    pragmatic advice for your
    medics or crew in remote

We offer highly specialised and cost
effective solutions for companies, small
groups or individual travellers.

Our service is ideal for businesses operating
in remote locations, ships at sea, long-haul
aircraft and small groups of individuals
trekking in remote locations.
Our service

24/7 access to Specialist
Emergency Physicians for
advice on urgent and
emergency health problems

A single access point for
Urgent and Emergency
health care assistance.

* NO Call takers

* NO Triage nurses

* NO Delays

* Quality advice and Support

Your medics and staff in the
field have immediate access
to superior clinical advice
from Specialists in the field
by audio, video or data links

We can provide immediate access to a doctor who is a Specialist in
Emergency Care and highly experienced in providing remote medical

Providing telemedicine advice to lay people and medics who have
varying degrees of experience and training; and whom are often under
extreme stress in an isolated environment is a highly specialised area.

We provide a complete package of support for these environments
provided by a team of very experienced Emergency Medicine
Specialists who are familiar with the unique issues and problems of a
maritime or isolated environment. In contrast to a number of other
larger companies providing this sort of service our doctors rotate
between work in  busy Emergency Departments, Ambulance and
Retrieval services and our Operations centre, ensuring they are
constantly updated and maintain ongoing experience in real Emergency
Medicine care. Our relatively small size ensures a highly personalised

Our staff are experienced in Aviation and Marine/Diving medicine. We
are familiar with the content of STCW95 approved courses, reference
material and the medical capabilities of ships at sea.

Our service can be accessed using your existing communication
technology (land, cell, satellite, radio-patch). All clients are provided
with both primary and a secondary access points to our service to avoid
potential disruption.

We offer a number of packages tailored to the exact needs of your
company or organisation. We know our rates are very competitive and
we welcome the opportunity to provide a
quote to your company.

In addition to the practical safety net provided by our service, your
clients knowledge of your investment in their safety and health can also
be a powerful discriminator from your competition.

We also offer a service to individuals and small groups who are
travelling or trekking in isolated areas. For more information on this
click here.

For more information about our telemedicine service or to obtain a
quote please
contact us
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Industrial / Trekking