We are able to equip you with medical supplies to meet the requirements of your business, your expedition or your preparedness needs.

All of our equipment and medication is supplied in prepackaged units which can be combined to tailor-make an appropriate response kit to allow for the operational environment, level of training of the medic and the health risk assessment.

We can also supply kits for maritime vessels compliant with the MCA - Cat A and B regulations, Maritime NZ Scale 1-4, IMGS Cat A (for Australia) and for Yachting - inshore, coastal and off shore standards for medical stores.

We provide the following modular kits:

* First response

* Patient assessment

* Airway management

* Oxygen therapy

* Vascular access

* Cardiac

* Trauma (including burns)

* Primary care medications

* Resuscitation medications

* Dental care

We can also provide smaller customised kits for individuals or small groups depending on your requirements.