Business Continuity Planning and Medical Preparedness

We have developed a specialised service offering solutions to an eclectic collection of companies and individuals for the medical aspects of their business continuity planning and preparedness for major disasters and existential events. We have helped with developing medical services for business continuity centres, specialised warehousing and data centres for large and smaller companies and safe rooms and secure shelters for individuals.

We are able to consider a wide variety of risks and assist with planning to the level you require to medically mitigate these risks, from flooding, bush fires and earthquakes through to 'black swan' risks such as climate change, nuclear accidents and economic collapse, we have worked with clients preparing across this whole spectrum.

We offer the following services:

* Medical risk assessments and Health intelligence reports specific to the individual or company, the risks they consider likely and their areas of operations

* Design and stocking and implementation of health facilities

* Bespoke medical training based on your Medical Risk Assessment

* Collaboration with others professions to deliver integrated solutions